dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sunday, 16 May 2010

What I expect to see is a new-ruin that's an inferior pastiche of older, better strips; that, or something from 1980 that allows Lynn to 'explain' Thursday's strip by passing five-year-old Mike as his seven-year-old self.

I'm close; what we end up with is Elly going through her day checking items off her to-do only to have John praise Jean as being the most organized woman he's ever met; we can define that as 'having what he needs when he needs it'.

Panel 1: We start things off in the front hall of the Pattermanse; we see Bug-Eyed Elly reaching for a jacket as Doll-boy Mike puts his coat on.

Panel 2: We have a Patterbutt alert as Elly puts Lizzie's coat on her.

Panel 3: Elly then asks Mike if he has his lunch because they have to leave in five minutes.

Panel 4: We shift our focus to the school; it seems that there's been a wild-cat strike at the bus garage because Elly had to drive Mike there. She reminds him to meet him there at four because he's got a haircut.

Panel 5: Now we're at Doctor Pflett's office; his receptionist tells Elly that she's right on time and that Doctor Spider-Man is ready to see Lizzie now.

Panel 6: After the appointment, Elly thought-bubbles "Good! My eye appointment is in forty minutes so I have time to go to the cleaners."

Panel 7: We now find Elly in the parking lot at Megafoods on her way home; she thought-bubbles "Now I'll take Lizzie to Annie's house, put away the groceries, put supper on and pick Michael up from school."

Panel 8: We're now back at Mike's school; Elly thought-bubbles "Perfect! Now to drop Mike off with his Dad at the clinic and I'll have time to hit the gym before my writing class."

Panel 9: We next find ourselves at John's dental clinic; as Jean leaves, she says "'Night, Doctor P; have a good weekend."

Panel 10: As John says "Thank God for my receptionist! She's the most organized woman I've ever met", Elly stares at us in confusion and despair; it's as if she's saying "Why couldn't he say something that thoughtlessly insulting at home? I can't throw things at him in public, after all."

Summary: What we have here, of course, is Lynn once again trying to kick J-Rod in the kiwis but doing so in such a fashion as to make him look good. That's because we're supposed to call him a bad person for pointing out how disorganized Elly really is. For instance, doesn't Mike take the bus? Don't the Pattersons have two cars? What's Elly's deal?

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