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Friday, 14 May 2010

As I said Monday, we were going to end up watching John make a great big jerk of himself because Elly was out for a night on the town; sure, we know that he's sort of justified because, unlike when he went out with Ted, she did actively flirt and she does fancy a jar more than he does but he looks like a damned Neanderthal. That means that the strips in this arc aren't going to be slightly modified to keep people from realizing that Lynn has gone to straight reprints.

(Strip Number 4006, Original Publication Date, 15 May 1981)

Panel 1: We start off with John reading Mike a story book; Mike looks around for something and then asks "It's late; howcome Mom isn't home yet, Dad?"

Panel 2: As Mike looks at the book (which might possibly be about a shaggy dog who walks around his neighborhood looking for food), John explains that Elly's night school course is over for the Summer.

Panel 3: As he playfully chucks Mike under the chin, he smiles and allows as how he guesses that they went on the town to celebrate.

Panel 4: He then faces us and thought-bubbles "To a pub....without me."; it should be noted that he is glaring the Bug-Eyed Glare of Existential Horror™ and that his eyeglasses no longer have handles.

Summary: We, of course, are about to spend the rest of the week and the first part of the next watching John getting his shorts in a wad because Elly is going out on her own initiative and leaving him to worry; since he's a ridiculous jerk mired in a fifties mind-set, this confuses and horrifies him because it's the woman's job to sit anxiously by the clock wondering where the husband is, not the other way around.

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