dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sunday, 2 May 2010

As I wait to see what the new day brings, I remember that a new pattern has emerged; Lynn alternates between having a new-ruin or a strip from 1980. Since we had a new ruin last week, we're primed for something that has people wondering why Lizzie and Mike have de-aged today.

And I'm wrong; we have a new-ruin with Farley's taking as long as he takes to relieve himself as the source of 'humor'; K-words to howtheduck for reminding us that it's an inferior remake/foreshadowing of this strip from four years ago.

Panel 1: As our story begins, we find John walking Farley (who's snuffa-snorfa-sniffing the ground for reasons Lynn doesn't know about) down the street; since it's 198X, he isn't carrying a bag for his dog's poop.

Panel 2: We see more of the same; what's different this time is that he's snoofa-snorfa-snuffa-sniffing something on the groind.

Panel 3: Now he's sniffing something in the corner of the panel.

Panel 4: John starts to get irritated because Farley would rather sniff the hydrant than pee on it.

Panel 5: As Farley checks out the scent trail other dogs have left on a shrub, John checks his watch because he can't understand that it takes however long it takes for a dog to urinate.

Panel 6: We get more irritation and more whuffa-snoofa-snorhfle-snuffling as Farley follows his nose.

Panel 7: Farley finally does his business.

Panel 8: A few minutes later, we see John and Farley walking into the front hallway.

Panel 9: John angrily points at his watch in order to complain about how long Farley took to do his thing; Mike pops up and says "But Daddy...."

Panel 10: "....you take a long time too"; since he's not saying the same thing for the same reason about her, Elly laughs the Sticky-Out-Tongue Laugh of Malice&trade.

Summary: Well, if there has to be a "last" new-ruin, let's be glad it's something like this. That way, Lynn can bow out doing what she loves: sticking it to J-Rod.

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