Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, March 27

Gratuitous "quotes": 1.

So Merrie's getting the realistically-drawn-lips treatment. What does that signify, anyway? Or is it just random?

If you're looking at the online version, or a dead-tree version that doesn't leave out the first two throwaway panels, check out the second of those two. Cartoon physics: there's no way those eggs would stay in Merrie's basket, the way she's swinging it around.

And we've also got cartoon clairvoyance. How did Deanna know that there was anything to be gained by asking Mike why Merrie was clamoring for the teat?

Perhaps Michael doesn't realize it, but he just commited a very grave error. You never. never. never. want to tell one sibling that the other one is getting something wonderful and they're not. Even if you're kidding. Especially if you're kidding, because now you've compounded a tease with a lie, and that will take ages to unravel.

And for the love of Peanuts, why is "chocolate" in "quotes"? That makes it sound like it's a "euphemism" for something that shouldn't be "mentioned" in a "family strip". "Well, Merrie, "Mommy"'s giving your "brother" some "chocolate". No, it's a "special" kind of "chocolate" that's only for "boys". [thinking] I wish I'd stuck to just giving her "chocolate"; then I wouldn't be "living" in this "unending hell" that is "parenthood"!"

(Now I'm dreading the moment when Mr. Bun sees this. I can hear him now: "Mmm...Chocolate boob milk...Mmm...")
Tags: mike has kids?, patterspawn, the delicate genius

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