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The funeral of Elly Patterson

Brad took a dark suit out of the closet.  Lise was sitting on the bed feeding the baby.  He knew how much work he had to do, but felt obligated to attend the funeral.  He had known Elly Patterson slightly, and he had spoken to everyone close to her.  Nearly everyone.  Mike Patterson had been released from hospital yesterday afternoon.

"Do you think they'll have a fleet of limos again?" Lise asked, remembering the day all of Milborough shut down to celebrate Elizabeth Patterson's wedding.  She hadn't grown up here and couldn't figure out why the Pattersons were such a big deal.  Brad had grown up here and still had no answer.  It wasn't like they had contributed a great deal to the town other than frequent purchases of electronics, kitchen appliances and vehicles at local stores.

"Probably.  Gordon and Tracey Mayes will be going.  I'm sure they will want to help out however they can."  His mind wasn't on the conversation.  Rajiv had been going through old case files and had come up empty-handed.  Court papers showed that Caine had applied for a divorce from Hanneke van Rijn in December 1990 on the grounds of marital breakdown after one year's separation.  Her whereabouts at that time were unknown.  The divorce was granted within weeks and immediately afterwards Gavin Caine and Clarice Swallow wed at the court house.  Both had listed the same address as their primary residence, so had already been co-habiting, but for how long?  More questions to ask.  

Rajiv had also gone through the local newspapers of the time and was unable to find a marriage announcement: strange, given that Gavin Caine was President of the Milborough Chamber of Commerce and a City Councillor in the early 90s, frequently featured in the paper cutting ribbons at this or that, or handing out awards to schoolchildren.  Up until around Christmas '89, his Dutch-born wife Hanneke often had been photographed next to him, particularly during his unsuccessful mayoral campaign.  After that, nothing.  It was as though Hanneke Caine had been vaporized from the face of the earth.

He added Max Caine to the list of people he'd like to talk to.

"Earth to Brad..."


"When do you think you'll be home?"

He smiled at his family.  "Barring any further developments, I'll leave at 5 today.  Want me to make dinner?"  Brad's culinary skills were limited to four dishes, three of which were stir-fry.

"Take-out it is, then."

Brad selected a tie.  He wondered how many other people were getting ready for the funeral.
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