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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Today's strip depicts John's failed attempt to use flattery to defuse the situation; too bad that John doesn't realize that Elly doesn't want to solve the problem. What Elly wants, all she has ever wanted, all she ever will want is to have him join her sitting her on her ass futilely wailing about how hard-up she is and doing jack-shit about what's bugging her; making things right is evil because she'd have no cause to be pointlessly miserable.

(Strip Number 130, Original Publication Date, 15 April 1981)

Panel 1: Elly is slumped over the table with the sour, dour expression that I think of whenever I hear her name and is making a point of not listening to John saying "You're right; it is an expensive stereo."

Panel 2: His explaining that that it's great quality and the very best mean little to her and only serve to make her angrier.

Panel 3: One would think that his more-or-less sincere comment about how if he didn't go for the very best, he wouldn't have married her would placate her.

Panel 4: One, of course, would be suffering from the same fecal encephalopathy that makes Elly think that he doesn't want her to have nice things; that's because she bellows "IT WON'T WORK, PATTERSON!!" so forcefully, he looks as if he were being hit by a water cannon.

Summary: Like I said, she doesn't want the problem to be solved; what she wants is to passively sit and fume like an idiot over nothing so she can be a super-important and super-impotent martyr. Years of this crap do something stupid she does not intend; it convinces John not to spend more on appliances than he has to. Since he's going to be wrong anyway, he should at least save some money, right?
Tags: elly the martyr

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