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Clarice's Hastily Typed Letter -- April 2010

Oh, it's been a terrible time -- this is as much to let folks know what's going on as anything else. I don't really understand very much but we're going to get through all of this -- that much I am sure.

But of course you don't have any idea of what's going on -- I mean, why would you? I haven't told you and I've barely had a chance to do more than call Liz and Anthony's family not to mention getting settled in and making out a list of everything we're going to need, and I just thank God Abbey decided to stay over at her friend Stacy Allwine's house, because now it's just making sure there's a place for me and for Francie and Jaime. Thankfully, there's a hotel room available in the same hotel Liz and Anthony are staying at--

Oh, but I haven't even told you about the police yet, or the strangeness of what's happening. I'm sorry -- I'm upset and when I get upset like this the first thing I do is batten down the hatches and make sure everyone's all right and then the second thing I do is start talking a mile a minute and I guess that becomes typing a mile a minute. I'm doing this this way in the first place because I want to be sure everyone who needs to know where we are can find us and secondly because....

Well, because I can't make any sense of it.

Anyway, this morning was like a lot of mornings. Gav's been grouchy ever since Elly Patterson's tragic passing. Over the weekend, there was a lot of crying over that -- see, I hadn't told the kids about that, because Liz and Anthony hadn't had a chance to sit down with them, and that's the sort of thing you need a mother and father for, not a grandmother no matter how well meaning you might be. I mean, I love these kids but they're not my children and I have no right to butt in and do things my way. Anyway, Liz picked them up late last week to have an outing with them and she and I talked about her mother a bit and she said that Anthony would be meeting them at a park after he got out -- he was telecommunting at a local RBS branch just to get stuff cleared off his desk -- and then they were going to tell the kids about their other grandmother and....

Well, long story short. A nasty piece of business came up and Liz did what she had to do to protect her kids but that meant leaving them for a little while, so they were scared when Anthony found them and he talked with them and he got scared himself and he told Francie about her grandmother just -- well, Anthony-bluntly. He's usually better with her but it just came out and she started to cry and Anthony started to panic about all this, but he held it together long enough to get me on his cell phone and I came out to watch the kids and let them cry a bit while he went after Liz.

And then Liz and Anthony came back and they had long talks with Francie and comforted Jaime -- Jaime's too young to really know what was going on but this was scary -- and there were a lot of tears and Liz cried a bit and Anthony cried a little -- he doesn't do it much, but sometimes he leaks -- and we got ice cream and then we all came home.

They stayed here last night, so they'd be here if the kids needed them, but they had to run out early -- well, after Francie and Jaime were up -- so they could get fresh clothes at their hotel room and shower and stuff. I heard them talking all last night so I don't think they slept much, but it sure sounded like they had a lot to talk about it. I don't know what they said because it's none of my business, but there was a lot of murmuring. And I heard them both laugh a few times and--

Oh, Clary what are you doing nattering on about that? I get so sidetracked when I try to write things down and focus on the wrong thing. Liz and Anthony left this morning, and Gav was polite to them both -- I can see he and Anthony are beginning to thaw out a bit -- and he went to work and Abbey went to school and I set to cleaning up the dishes and Francie was helping. She was as cheerful as you could ask after such a bad weeked and all. And then there was a loud clatter at the door and it was the police. A dozen of them or more, with that Officer Luggsworth at the front of them and he had a warrant to search the house.

I said I didn't know what was going on but of course they could search -- where did he want me to bring the kids? And he smiled a bit and said he was glad I was so cooperative and he asked me to bring them out on the porch. So I did, just as two of them were going upstairs and three were going down into the basement.

Francie bless her heart was kind of bouncing on the porch swing chair we have, as calm as could be, and said "are they finding Cryptids?" I have no idea what she was talking about so I let her explain, and it was all about this lovely little action show she likes to watch. I remember when Anthony used to watch those action cartoons when he was a kid -- it got him all excited and then Gav would shout down about the noise. For someonew who makes a lot of noise, Gav sure does like it quiet. Anyway, after a while Anthony just stuck to the Friendly Giant and Mister Dressup even when he was a little old for those, and there was peace in the house.

But there sure wasn't peace any more. They were bringing some of the clothes out in bags, and I wanted to ask but I just stayed out of the way, and then there was shouting, and four or five of them ran in and I heard them clomping down the basement, and then Officer Luggsworth came to see us and very quietly said we needed to come with him down to the police station, that we weren't in trouble but they had to restrict access to the house until further notice. I saw them putting up that tape over things like they do on the police shows and I said that of course we could go along.

"Don't hurt the cryptid!" Francie said, and the Officer kind of blinked and got down on one knee and said they wouldn't, but there's work the police had to do, and she nodded all solemnly and they took us down to the station. Anthony and Liz met us there but I couldn't reach Gav at his office or on his cell, and then Lieutenant Davis came to see us and said that right now they couldn't go into details of what was going on, but it was important that they be able to talk to Anthony and I at a moment's notice, but for now we could go and the police would put us up in a hotel and Anthony asked if it could be the Empire and they said no, so he asked if he could get us a room there instead so he and Liz could be closer to the kids and they said that would be fine.

And so here we are, and I just got a call from that nice Ms. Blum from Gav's lawyers' office and they said that she was called by Gav's secretary because a couple of cops came and got Gav from his office and were bringing him in for questioning. I asked if this was about Elly Patterson and she said she didn't know what it was about. And I asked Anthony what he thought after I hung up and he said he didn't know and his cell phone rang just then and it was the police desk person -- I don't know what they're called. The Sergeant, I guess -- asking if Anthony would voluntarily come in and answer some questions, and he said 'of course,' and Liz asked if she should stay with me and the kids or go with him, and I said she should go with him, and the kids and I would order up some room service lunch. That got Francie excited. She likes room service lunch.

So anyway, thanks to the laptop Anthony set me up with when we got here, I could write this letter and send it out so folks would know I was okay, and Abbey was okay though I had to call her at the school, and the grandkids were okay, and Gav, Liz and Anthony were okay though the police want to talk to them -- well, to Gav and Anthony -- and that I'll be here if you need me. Just ask at the desk and I'm sure they'll connect you right away.

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