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Clarice's Letter - April 2010

I know it's been half of forever like my dad likes to say -- "Clary, it's been half for forever and you never call" and such -- but here I am to say hello again! I can't help it -- I'm just so excited! Anthony and his wife and kids are coming here! They're going to be here for Easter! Well, okay, they're coming because Elly Patterson wants to try and make up with her kids or some such but honestly I'm just glad she doesn't think it's the nineteen eighties any more so that's fine with me, after all it means I get to spend time with little Jamie and little Francie and of course Anthony and Liz, and that's all to the good.

I talked with Gavin about it, and he kind of grunted. He's had so much on his mind of late with the troubles at the office and fallout from the whole political thing. He asked about what "that woman" wanted and I tried to explain how she'd been in the hospital and he remembered all the trouble that her husband John Patterson was in, oh, this was some months ago -- and of course I shouldn't have brought it up because then he started yelling about John Patterson again. Honestly, he needs to just let it go -- I mean, among other things they're family, right?

Anyway, Anthony asked if Francie and Jamie could stay here and I said of course they could -- we'd love to have them, and Francie adores Abbey and she likes the kids too, and besides that way they can do whatever it is they need to do without the kids running around. So of course I've gotten to baking -- if I'm going to have grandkids in the house they need to be amazed when they open up the old ceramic jar and find brownies and blondies and cookies. I mean, I don't bother to bake that much when they're not around -- Abbey won't touch sweets like that because she wants to keep trim for Track and Gav can't keep his hands out of the jar, but kids should think Grandmothers are special, right?

Besides, if the kids stay with Gav and me, there's nothing but good that can come of it. Anthony and Liz can get some time alone -- a hotel room of just the two of them, instead of having to care for kids, and it sounds like they need time alone to just talk and think, and this way the kids are out of the way for the serious stuff that's apparently going on, and this will hopefully give me a chance to get Gav and Anthony in the same room and talking again. I know Gav was interested in why they were coming, even if he grumbled. He wants to be on good terms with Anthony again -- he can just be so stubborn!

Anyhow, I have to run. There's so much to do and they'll all be here soon. Normally I'm in bed by now, and not on a computer, but they're coming in late and besides, I needed a break while the meatloaf finishes. They're going to be hungry when they get here.

Yours in a kitchen!

Clarice Caine.
Tags: retcons

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