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John's letter, Late March 2010

Hi, there; I've had another crazy month of my crazy life to deal with. It started out looking as if things would calm down but the situation in Colorado seems to have gone nuts; from what Liz tells me, all the 'jokes' people were making about how Mike and Weed were more than friends is no joke. Since Deanna isn't nearly as broad-minded as she likes to let on, she didn't take it well. This is, of course, why I took Gord and Tracey up on their offer to visit their cottage near North Bay; the problem there is that the weirdness followed me when I needed dental work. That's because I found out that I share my name with a cartoon moron in a comic strip I just learned existed; I even met the guy "I'm" based on. Learning that a John Patterson from Milborough is yet another sitcom nitwit with a put-upon wife he mistreats isn't a nice discovery at all; what makes it worse is that other than having the IQ of spackle, his life seems to be a breeze. At least the drive to Bev's house was calm; it's nice knowing that there are wide open spaces when the world feels like it's closing in on you.

That being said, I do have to deal with a bit of a mess coming up; Elly wants to get a lot of stuff off her chest but won't e-mail people because she's afraid the computer gods will lose it so she invited everyone to my place for a big dinner. Chee, I hope that it isn't too big a disaster; Elly's progress would end up eroding the same as everyone else's. I wish I God-damned knew why getting back to normal in this family meant "Foobs Behaving Badly."

Here's hoping that we don't make too big a mess of things; not that it matters because you know we'll screw it up somehow. Ah, well; I'll tell you who's whiniest and why in a couple of days.

Till then,

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