Nisie (nisie) wrote in binky_betsy,

Dee's letter

This day has literally been shitty. It started when Ceara, one of my friends from belly dance class, opened the door when Mike knocked. He started to give her the third degree about why she was there, what she was doing, etc.

Then I pulled Mike into the kitchen and asked him WTF? He told me that his mom had emailed him to ask his forgiveness for not supporting him and Weed as a couple in college. I've always known Mike was bi- deep down.... but I didn't want it KNOWN by others. I can't imagine how our kids would take it.

So, then we fought about all the damn time he spent in Weed's attic writing his crappy novel, and did they do anything then. Mike swears the answer is no, but Weed is pretty open about his polyamorous lifestyle now that he's meet Carleen. Of course, Carleen tends to keep things under wraps, and the news that Elly's going P-Flag and is trying like crazy to make up for not supporting her son. Great, just great. His mom touches sanity and sinks us.

Then, I was already taking the kids home to see Mom and Dad, and Robin had a day long screaming fit- on the plane and everything. I swear it was all I could do to keep his kiddie allergy meds at the normal dosage.

And the divorce lawyer called again, wanting to know if I want to go forward with my case. I don't know.

And selling our house has hit a snag.

And Mike's computer has a virus- most likely from the gay porn I caught him looking at. And he was on the flight home. Don't expect a letter from him, but he was nice enough to let me sit in business while he took the kids.

I'm just a breaking point here.


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