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Late-March note from April

Hey, folks, it's April. I probably won't get a chance to post on April first, because as soon as I'm done with my classes, I'll be catching a bus "home" to Milborough. I expect to get there just before 8 PM. This wasn't in my plans, believe me. Though we don't have classes scheduled for Friday, and it's Easter weekend, I was planning to stay in residence and just keep my thoughts focused on leading my own life. Last month, my friend Jay made a comment about how everyone in my family seems overly wrapped up in the minutiae of each other's personal dramas, and how if his brother were on the verge of divorce, he'd shrug and move on with his day. I thought that was a bit unfair considering how abnormal my family has been, but in part I could see his point.

But then I got Mom's e-mail. Mom using e-mail in itself is noteworthy, since she's convinced that clicking "send" has an infinite number of possible outcomes, of which getting the message to the address you've entered in the "to" field is just one, and not especially likely. Anyway, her e-mail was about how she'd come out of her fog and would I please come home for the holiday weekend. She was gathering the family and had some important things she needed to tell us, and it had to be face-to-face. She made a reference to making amends. She also sent me a separate message she wanted to forward to Claire. If you've read her letter, you know I also added a "PS" asking her to go. Something makes me feel I need to go there, but I could really use support from somebody who's sane and calm!

So, anyway, I'll be travelling on my 19th birthday (anyone wanna bet whether this will get forgotten by all?). This might be my very last time in Milborough--but I guess I'll try to keep an open mind.


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