Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Saturday, October 29

"An'"s: Two. Are these the first in a long while, or did I miss some earlier in the week?

Panel 1: But what if it had been cloudy?

Panel 2: The ball diamond? I assume she means baseball. Why not call it that, then? And ooh, everyone's invited! Just in time for a certain constable to show up!

Panel 3: Hot dogs are one thing, but hot chocolate? That's not going to be easy. She'll either have to put it all in cups and somehow carry it without spilling, or go through the whole process on site. But perhaps she'll have some help!

Panel 4: Aw...crap.

Anyway, yeah, that's the way of it for a lot of teachers. Anything beyond the very basics has to come out of your own pocket. But I don't quite get it. I knew all along that there'd be a learning-as-much-or-more-from-her-students reflection, but I'm not sure how it ties in with her thinking "$".
Tags: miss patterson, stargazing

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