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Claire's Dilemma, March 2010

April forwarded this e-mail to me last night:

"Dear Claire
"I don't know how to begin.  April told me about your mother and, I'm so very, very sorry.  It has been such a relief to me to know that you had two wonderful parents who loved you.  I know our meeting was a disaster, and, I don't think I can apologize enough.  I have been taking stock of things in the past few weeks, and thinking of you, and all my children.  I have been looking through old family albums, and have found many old photos of my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.  I know there isn't much I can offer you, and I am not trying to take the place of your mother, but, I could have copies made if you would like them?  I am writing to all my family, to try to mend some of the damage my behaviour has caused and, have a family Easter together.  I know it is very late notice, it would mean a great deal to me if you could come, too.  I have asked April to pass along this note, because I don't know your email address.  I hope that this reaches you, I never know what will happen when I press the send button.
"Yours, sincerely

April added a PS that she had a similar e-mail and has decided to catch the bus to Milborough for the weekend.  She has asked if I could be there.  It's flattering that she thinks that I'm the sibling she turns to for support, but...another trip to Milborough?  Liz has only just returned from Colorado but Anthony has already got them tickets to fly out Thursday afternoon.  He figures that he can probably get another for me or I could just pack light and go standby.

My last class ends at 1.30 and I am supposed to be in a meeting at 2.  I could send apologies...I won't be the only one.  Whose brilliant idea was it to have a meeting the afternoon before the long weekend anyway?

Gareth will be down in Seattle to see his parents.  I thought it was too soon to meet them, so it's not like I had anything else planned for Easter.

The weather isn't that great here right now.  It's nicer in Toronto...

Do I really want to mend fences with someone I barely know just because she's my birth mother?

Standby isn't too bad.

Hope I can get a room at the B&B.  There's no shortage of places to stay, though.

Why does Elly want to fix our relationship?  We barely know each other.

I kind of want to see the photographs.

Isn't April old enough to look after herself?  But her family hasn't always been reliable.

I won't get in until late Thursday, probably too late to see anyone or wish April a happy birthday.  I could give her her birthday present in person.

How late do the buses to Milborough run?  Should I rent a car?  I hate driving in the dark.

I think I'm going to go.

Why am I doing this?

What if I don't get another chance?

I miss you, Mom.
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