dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Let's see what's on tap today; my guess is that we're in for more of Elly whining about something inconsequential.

I'm close; it's Lynn 'proving' that husbands sabotage their wives as a matter of course.

Panel 1: It seems that the action today is taking place at the same time as yesterday's strip; that's because Elly and Annie are at the Nichols's back porch listening to John yell "Farley, COME!!"; as they do so, Anne (who's ignoring Christichard's asking her for a cookie) says that she thought that the Pattersons trained Farley to come when they call him. Elly says that they did.

Panel 2: The problem is that he takes advantage when they slack off; she goes on to say that if you let the discipline go for a while, you're in trouble. Annie says that she knows this; meanwhile, Little Whoisthat? says "MAMA! WANT COOKIE!!"

Panel 3: As she picks him up, he cries and yells WANT COOKIE; Annie says "I said no cookies before dinner, honey."

Panel 4: As Little WhatishisNAME?? yells and Steve's silhouette approaches, Annie reminds us that when it comes to discipline, you have to be one hundred percent consistent.

Panel 5: What Steve's smugly simpering "Don't be a meanie; give the kid a cookie" proves is that you and your partner also have to be on the same page.

Summary: Too bad that Annie is as passive-aggressive as the other women in this strip; otherwise, she'd have given Steve what-for for cutting her off at the knees like that.

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