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Gordon's letter, March 2010

I should probably explain this; in the September 2007 letter, Mike talked about how the creator of 'For Better or For Worse' was pretty much going into a time-freeze wherein the Patterson's lives were going on off-camera. It seemed to forworse it would be fun to go a bit meta so I'd like to further that a bit.

Hello, there; I suppose you already know about the run-in we had yesterday with one of the dentists here in North Bay. As Trace said, I was all for telling that guy to check a map and report him to the ODA for unprofessional conduct. What changed my mind about this was an interesting little thing I found out when I was checking the local paper this morning; there was a comic strip I'd never seen or heard of before by a woman who lives close by. Since the family looked a lot like the Pattersons I knew and did some of the things I heard they did, I went down to the local Chapters to see if they had any collections of it or a website for it and, wow, I found something that horrified me: a broad parody of our lives. It was if the cartoonist had spy gear in our houses or something. I talked to Mike about it and he said that the whole thing was a vast coincidence; he'd interviewed the lady while he was working at Portrait and found out that she'd driven through town once and thought it would be a great place for a fictional version of her own family to live, said family including a dentist ex-husband who'd got the shock of his life. Since she never asked Mike who his parents were or where he came from, she had no more idea than anyone that the Milborough she thought was just another 'burb was filled with real Pattersons who look like the people she drew living lives vaguely similar to what she thought was a distorted version of her own life; Liz, who's also heard of it, said the coincidences are just so much wishful thinking on the artist's part.

Anyhow, I hope that the real John has a nice time back at his sister's place; having to learn that he's been fictionalized by accident is a fairly horrible thing we can all relate to now. In any event, we'll have to part company for a bit; although shaken and stirred, I think I can handle all this, what with being a minor character in the Patterson circus.

Till next time, yours,

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