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Tracey's Letter March 2010


Hi everybody, it’s Tracey here! I just couldn’t wait to tell you about the bizarre time we’ve just had. Remember Gord and I bought a place on Restoule Lake? Well, now that winter’s pretty much gone, we’ve been taking turns going back and forth to get the place summer-worthy. (Of course with the public inquiry about to begin after Easter, there might not be enough time if we leave it any later.) Long story short, John has been giving us a hand, especially fixing up some of the dock which didn’t look strong enough to survive another summer. He said that it was a real treat to feel that he was being useful for someone and we’re glad for an extra pair of hands. We seem to be mending broken fences (figuratively and almost literally), so we invited John to get away from Milborough for a bit and join us for part of our holiday.

Anywho, the place was liveable by the start of March break, so we headed up with the kids right after school on the Friday night. John showed up Wednesday afternoon with a stack of new DVDs for the kids – we were totally grateful as the weather had been so miserable we’d been a bit housebound most days. (This is definitely a summer place – not practical for what's supposedly early spring!) Gord fired up the hot-air popper and we sat down for movie night. (Aside: Marley and Me is not really a kids’ movie, no matter what it looks like, unless you like trying to answer your kids’ questions about leg-humping and PPD. Then there’s the ending. Hello, Old Yeller?) We were crunching away when John blurted out, “Chee! There goes a crown!” He thought he could wait until getting back to M’bro on Friday, but the next morning he could barely drink a cup of coffee without pain, so I said I’d take him with me to North Bay and drop him at the dentist’s. There’s one down the road from the LCBO so I said I’d pick up a bottle of wine for our last night, do a bit of window shopping and then head over to the dentist’s. John was all analytical about what needed to be done and how long he thought it ought to take, so if we got there early enough he might be able to get in as an emergency case and be out again fairly soon.

Nothing quite went to plan. We got there too early for the LCBO, so I was back at the dentist’s about five minutes later and found John arguing with the receptionist. She was going completely mental, saying that she wasn’t putting up with this kind of nonsense from her (who?) anymore and accusing John of thinking she was some kind of idiot. When I asked what was going on, the receptionist or hygienist (or both or whatever…) just said something like, “This guy comes in here saying his name is Dr John Patterson and he wants a dental appointment. Does she think we’re idiots? Does she?!” OK, I had no idea who she was talking about and stuck up for John, saying that that was his name and he was one of the best dentists in Milborough. Well, she started shouting and the dentist came running and damned if he didn’t look like John’s younger brother or something. Smaller nose, sure, but there was a pretty strong resemblance. Then the receptionist person started saying that it was another of her stupid games and John started getting really fed up and insisting, “My name is Dr John Patterson. I am a dentist from Milborough and I have a broken crown. I just want to make an appointment!” The dentist said that Milborough doesn’t exist – I mean, like, WTF?! So I took out my driver’s licence and handed it to him and he just went red, then pale, then slumped down in a chair and was like, “Tracey Mayes? Gord’s wife? This can’t be happening.” I handed him our business card. He read it, dropped it on the floor, then looked John up and down and said, “A potbelly. That one pissed me off.”

We left really quickly and found another dentist. I skipped window-shopping and went for a walk along the waterfront, which looks like it will be lovely in the summer but was a bit too cold for me at this time of year. John was still weirded out by the first dentist, but said the next one did a good job. We drove back to Restoule in silence. Once we’d filled him in, Gord was all for heading back to North Bay and teaching the dentist a thing or two about geography or reporting him to the Ontario Dental Association, but I’ve got enough on my hands with AECL and the inquiry and John was just bewildered, especially the potbelly thing. Kind of put a damper on the rest of the day and John left early on Friday morning saying he felt like taking the scenic route back to Milborough, maybe via Winnipeg or something. Um, OK? I e-mailed Mike and said he should try to get in touch with his dad and see what was up.

It was actually kind of nice to get back home on Saturday. The weather is improving, there are signs of life in the garden and other than that incident, we had a relaxing holiday. The kids went back to school Monday morning with the usual complaining and foot-dragging, but we’re back into the usual rhythm of things pretty quickly. Next up: Easter long weekend.

Catch you next month.


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