dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Thursday, 18 March 2010

It seems to me that Elly will over-react witlessly to Mike's stupidity and Lizzie's carelessness by thinking that a minor and annoying mishap is an omen of some sort; as I said, this is on par with April thinking that since she'd wished that the Housening would stop, a tree fell on a house. The difference is that we're supposed to believe Elly.

And I'm wrong; we're about to find out who Allo Girl is, damage to the continuity be damned.

Panel 1: As Annie puts the kids to bed, she asks Elly "I haven't seen Connie much lately; what's up?"; Elly, who's picking up toys, says "I think she's a bit embarrassed, Anne."

Panel 2: With her arms full of toys, she goes on to explain that Connie went to Montreal to visit Phil without telling him first and that the visit didn't go as planned.

Panel 3: As she puts the toys away, she tells Anne that when Connie got to Phil's apartment, a woman answered the door; a delighted Anne asks "Really? Who was she? A girlfriend? Who?"

Panel 4: Elly asks if she should make some tea first only to have Anne tell her that she likes her gossip without interruption.

Summary: Well, Lynn did promise that we'd find out who Allo Girl is; we should have expected that she'd do so in a manner that allows two bored housewives to both condemn and live vicariously through a lonely, needy, desperate single mother.

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