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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Since it's not clear whether Elly is lying to spare Connie's feelings or simply lying to hide the fact that Phil had no idea what happened, it's equally unclear as to what today's strip will be; I'd like to think that we'd get a new-ruin that 'explains' who Allo Girl is but we could just as easily see Mike talk about how glad Lawrence is that his cast is off.

What we get is a demonstration that Elly is somewhat spineless.

Panel 1: Elly looks out the window at a pair of silhouettes and thought-bubbles "It's raining.....and here they come to play at our place."

Panel 2: She frowns the bug-eyed frown of existential horror as she thought-bubbles "With all the other mothers around, why do I have to have kids in all the time?" This is, of course, because she doesn't like children much and it shows.

Panel 3: As she holds the door open and thought-bubbles "I'm tired of being the local playground; today, I put my foot down", Doll-boy Mike asks if he and two other oddly shrunken children can come in and play.

Panel 4: She narrows her eyes in rage and says "Okay....but just for A WHILE!"

Summary: Despite not having children of my own, I know that being a parent isn't easy so part of me can sympathize with the feeling of being trapped that plagues Elly; where Lynn and I part ways is that I also happen to know that it can't possibly be as hard as she makes it look. It's sort of appalling to see her regard having to deal with her incredibly average children and their incredibly average friends as a form of torture. Also, she isn't terribly firm here today. Or especially loving or kind.
Tags: foob history

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