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Lynn's travelogue: On the beach (resort)

I'm setting up this thread for the third exciting installment of her Thailand story; I haven't anticipated a story this much since Red was telling Harold about the Possum Lodge whittling contest.

Well, actually, it's the heat, too.

At first, the temperature is a welcome change from freezing your fanny in North Bay...but without the invention of air conditioning, I think most northerners would take a long time to adjust. If ever!!

The Kata Palms hotel is about 5 blocks from the beach and is a small temple in the midst of a concrete maze of vendors' booths, massage parlors and tailor shops. There are innumerable tailors here, all offering the finest hand made duds at bargain prices and ready in less than 24 hours. I've just come back from a long walk and am now sitting at the one working keyboard in the lobby and enjoying the breeze coming from the fans in the ceiling. It's like a movie set. I'm surrounded by deep red walls. Tall open windows with thin, embroidered curtains strung from tiny brass rods open onto a small palm-lined terrace. There is an abundance of ornate, gold decoration on teak furnishings, around doorways and over the reception desk. A high ceiling with lovely pastoral paintings along the upper edge arches over 4 white canopied sofas which face each other in a most gracious lounge.
[Image: Outdoor food stand being patronized by Western tourists]
The rooms are spacious and the bathroom alone is worth the price. When you sit on the loo, you face a stone bathtub, set like an outdoor basin on a bed of white stones. To the right is the shower and the water comes out of a huge flat spout on the ceiling- like a shower of rain. Above the tub is a large shuttered window which opens into the bedroom. The view from the window is a tropical mural of amazing flowering trees. In the courtyard below the room, a long, winding pool takes you through a jungle of greenery, past rooms which open directly into the pool. These could be dangerous if under the influence of the local beer which is light in flavor but carries a punch!
[Image: Marina with view of local scenery]
Most of the visitors here are European. We rarely hear English spoken, but if it is, it's with a British, European or Australian accent. Actually, other that the decor of the hotel, there is little here to suggest that we are in Asia at all..so I am still looking for the feel of the orient- that sense that I am in the mysterious east.
[Image: Hotel lobby.]
I shall send this before it's gone in the ether of the internet and will write again. LJ

- Questionable Vocabulary: Lynn deliberately used the word "duds" to refer to what we call "clothing"; this is on par with her pretending that she's as low-rent as her fans are by saying "spuds" when she means "potatoes". (Also "fanny" and "loo.")
- As expected, she talks about the bathroom and Thai beer.
- She seems to not have realized that this part of the world is a magnet for tourists from Malaysia and Japan; since all Asians look alike to her, she has no idea how many of the people she thinks are wait staff are her fellow guests.
- Imperialism Alert: She returns to her favorite theme: bitching that the Thai people don't, by and large, look or act like extras from the King and I nor do they live in traditional homes.
- Entitlement Alert: She gushes about how great it is that she's walled herself away from the scary real world so as to absorb the fake, safe, prepackaged ersatz Thailand.

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