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March 2010 Newsletter


FBorFW Studio News for the Month of March 2010

Inside Scoop
Thanks to everyone who took part in our annual Love Struck contest, which we host every year at Valentine's Day. Our winner this year was Laura C. who can expect her plush Farley in the mail soon. Like our contests? Try the Ned Search for a weekly chance to win a signed FBorFW print!

Fit to be Thai-ed: Lynn, her daughter Katie and her son-in-law Lane have just returned from a trip to Thailand. Watch our News Bites page for a serialized travel journal with photos! This month's studio photo (below) is a sneak preview!          

Have you seen our Comic Strip Catalog? We've got thirty years of archived FBorFW strips available for browsing (with the exception of the strips that will appear in the newspapers over the next six months). Search the catalog from 1979 all the way to 2010, browse our collection books, and don't forget to try the random strip generator!

We've got some more changes coming to the FBorFW website - when we last redesigned it, back in 2004, the average monitor size was only 800 pixels wide. Now there's more on-screen real estate available so we're widening the website to take advantage of the extra space. We'll make the transition as smooth as possible; with apologies in advance for any unexpected turbulence!

A new award for Lynn and Beth! The Ontario Library Association has named Farley Follows His Nose as one of their Best Bets - a top-ten collection of books that were presented to librarians at an OLA convention this month. Congratulations ladies!

Shopper's Corner
Plush Farley garners unanimous raves! Everyone who's emailed us about Farley has loved him!

Treasury editions of Lynn's strips are in the works. Lynn's just finished a cover design for the first one; we'll keep you posted as we get more information.

2010 Wall Calendars are on sale in our store.

Ojibwe Word of the Month
Gawg - Porcupine

A Site We Loved
PopCap is one of the best gaming sites online. The site's filled with cute, simple, fun games that you can play for free online or buy for your computer or phone.

Monthly Trivia Contest
Correctly answer the questions below and we'll enter you in the draw - the prize is a limited-edition FBorFW print from a print run of only 2000. We'll select five lucky winners at the end of the month.

1. What's Lawrence's biological father's name?

2. What hot dog topping does Michael dislike?

3. What was Thelma Baird's maiden name?

Last Month's Answers:

1. Phil lives in Montreal.

2. Gord and Tracey got married in 1995.

3. John grew up in Manitoba.

Send your answers to

We regret that this contest is not open to residents of Quebec.


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