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Phil's letter, March 2010

Greetings, friends; it's your old pal Phil with my take on the latest disaster to hit Sis's family. As you know, Mike and Dee are separated and, well, to put it bluntly, it looks like it might end up being contagious. I don't know what it is that makes Liz get so antsy when she starts putting down roots but it might be about to mess up her life again. Actually, that's a lie; I do know what bothers her. Here's a hint; take a look at her photo now and a photo of Elly from when Liz was hanging off her like a damned barnacle. You'll notice that they look almost identical. For all her talk of wanting to be settled down in a comfortable, productive relationship, her by-the-good-book chat about taking the needs of others into consideration, for all her good intentions, the idea of her being Elly, living her crappy life, feeling like she doesn't matter scares her to death and will always make her want to scramble for a way out. Not that she and Anthony are willing to face this yet.

This is because her brokenness is not Mike's. When I asked him why he did what he did, he said something that confused me at first. He said that he was the second coming of Divala (or something like that); when I asked Dee who that was, she told me about some fashion designer who turned out to be a huge fraud so that tells me that Mike is suffering from the Impostor Syndrome. Since he thinks that he's the same sort of walking, talking hoax Elly is, he thinks that his wife and children would be better off without him. Well, if he's going to let himself fall all to bits because his mother was stupid enough to take advice from that crazy idiot Connie, maybe he's right. God, I thought they were going to make it, too; it was foolish of me, though.

That's because I failed to account for how they really felt about what happened to her; just as her sad fate 'confirmed' Mike's belief that he's a huge fake who will inevitably disappoint everyone who relies on him, it seems Liz is now partway convinced that she's a God-damned human bomb. If she does split for 'greener pastures' like Anthony's ex thinks she might, you'd expect her to be hitching a ride like Banner did at the end of every episode of the Hulk. Here's hoping we're wrong about her though. Maybe my explaining what Elly was like as a kid helped but maybe it didn't. Y'see, after the Elizabeth both she and Elly are named after showed up, our cozy little home turned into a bit of a circus; the old doll tended to break Elly's stuff and put it in my room because she thought we were plotting against her and wanted to get us fighting each other. Mom and Dad knew the score and tried calming Sis down but, well, she was never that bright; she fell for Operation Sibling Revilery like a sucker. Let's hope that at least one of them realizes that their childhood was doomed to suck ten years before they were born; it might make them reconsider the way they do things. It's certainly made them see more of their past in a new light so at least something got done.

In any event, I've gotta get going back home; I can't drop my life on a dime like a poor sap who might never know the answer to the question "Where do I belong?", I know the answer to that. Till we meet again....

Yours truly,
Phil Richards.
Tags: retcons

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