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Mira's letter, March 2010

Hello, again; I suppose by now you're dusting yourselves off from the bomb Deanna and Michael dropped on you. I wish I could say that I was surprised instead of simply being tired and slightly disgusted. For all the progress Michael has made as a man, a husband and a father, his inability to manage his time responsibly has once again screwed life up for everyone. I'd warned Deanna about his setting up that office but, well, she backslid herself into excusing him for being stupid. NOT, of course, that I said I told you so; as they say, res ipsa loquitur. (That's "the thing speaks for itself" for those of you who never sat through Latin) For a second, I thought I was in that barn of an apartment watching him defend his living in squalor to either prove he was large and in charge or, as seems more likely now that I've had time to think about it, too vain to notice that he was the fall-guy for Deanna's attempt to "punish" Wilf and me for caring enough to impose upon her the sort of structure that certain crazy people who hang around billiards thinking that it's 1981 were too lazy to attempt. Yeah, she really showed us; she wound up with a workaholic husband who lost track of time, a clapped out hellhole of a flat, neighbors who despised her and smiles and stupidity from her beloved in-laws. In case this sounds like I'm sitting her wishing she'd make this permanent, I'm not; it's not about what I or anyone else want, after all. It's about whatever will be best for Meredith and Robin.

Besides, there's a factor that Deanna and Mike don't want you to know about; the reason Mike is throwing himself into his work so much is to shout down the voice inside his head that calls him a worthless impostor. She does know that but she doesn't know what makes him feel like a failure who's about to be exposed and subjected to ridicule; this X-factor wears her hair in a bun, she slouches, she yells at the drop of a hat and she talks about how awful it is that that Campbell woman dared call Mike a non-linear thinker and thus make her out to be a negligent mother. I even have proof of it; when I showed up at his door and started talking about his marital problems, I'd mentioned how everyone else had more or less agreed that Elly was better off where she was. As soon I'd mentioned that, he made that face Pattersons make when they have to think about something they'd rather not. You know what I mean, don't you? They clench their jaws, frown, close their eyes, hump up their shoulders and generally make it look like their noses are the only thing keeping their faces from collapsing. Rather than share the conflict about how he feels about that and maybe get better, the poor, sad clodhopper is probably going to end up mourning the loss of a marriage that he could save if he didn't seem to think it was doomed.

Ah, well; at least Elizabeth seems to be doing well. Not that she's had half the crap happen to her that her older brother has. All she's got on her plate is a mother she's going to end up sweeping under the rug and a father-in-law whose messed up life isn't the big deal that Anthony thought it might be.

In any event, this might be the last time we talk to one another; I'll probably be far too busy living my life to write about it. If so, it's been a pleasant time talking to you.

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