dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I fully expect to see the "What exactly does 'non-linear thinker' mean?" strip today; I also expect it to be a lead-in to Miss Campbell being the same sort of vapid twinkie Liz is as a teacher. "Act as if I haven't lost control going in? Start making sense!"

Panel 1: Now that she and John are at Mike's home room, Elly asks Miss Campbell "What exactly does 'non-linear thinker' mean?" It should be noted that Elly is genuinely puzzled while Campbell and John are probably wondering what kind of idiot Elly is to ask that. That's because we see various projects on display. First off, we have a grouping of cat cutouts and one snake signed Michael. Next, we have drawings of birds; the dead one is Mike's. Third, we have sheets of paper that have the alphabet on them; most of them are both reasonably neat and complete; Mike's is a mess and not even complete. Finally, the messiest and ugliest sculpture is Mike's.

Summary: Since we know that Miss Campbell will be glad to get rid of him and has no problem letting him think that since he isn't halfway to being senile, he's a monster, what she means is that his seed is evil and should be purged from the Earth. Since she's the same sort of incompetent as Liz, what that entails is that she's too God-damned lazy to be able to control him and too self-absorbed to see what makes him do stuff like this. The idea that he's a lonely child who's pretty much looking for someone to pay him attention is not one that occurs to these shits.

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