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Monday, 22 Febuary 2010

It's fairly obvious that we're about to watch John and Elly get ready for their bi-yearly parent-teacher meeting; I just hope they're ready for a reminder that they're raising an all-Canadian pain in the ass.

Not, of course, that they need Miss Campbell to tell them that Mike is a whiny, sullen little fink who won't follow the rules. Today's reprint is all the proof they need.

Panel 1: As Elly puts Lizzie's onesie on, Mike, who's already in his pajamas, whines "Aw, does it have to be Brenda? I want Charlene to babysit! PLEASE??"

Panel 2: As Elly walks down the hallway to put Lizzie in her crib, Michael gets on his knees and moans "Charlene's neat, Ma, an' Brenda's MEAN!! Real mean."

Panel 3: He frowns and thought-bubbles what it is that makes Brenda a mean ol'doody-head; it seems that she makes him and Lizzie go to bed on time.

Summary: As I keep saying, Mike hates people who tell him what to do with a passion because they're depriving him of a chance to decide for himself what to do; where it all falls down is that he has all the imagination of a paper clip and when left to his own devices tends to sit on his ass and complain about how there's never anything to do.

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