dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Monday, 8 February 2010

Since Lynn has been hammering away at the theme that Phil has been leading Connie on forever, we should expect to see strips that have him tell her politely that he never really thought of what they shared the same way she did; this, and the reminder that his lifestyle isn't kid-friendly, will be all the proof Lynn needs that he's a depraved monster who strings insane stalkers who act like they're twelveinnocent women along. Today, though, we'll probably have to be reminded that Lynn is strictly white bread as she had Phil deliver dialog that would embarrass Maynard G Krebs.

Panel 1: Well, it looks like I was wrong about Connie blending into the background; that's because Phil did after all notice the woman with the panicky frown after all. What I was right about is that he didn't know who it was as his "Connie! Far Out! Too Much!" will attest.

Panel 2: He explains to her that while the venue is not the best, at least he's being well paid; since Lynn wants to prove that he's a jazz cat and since she's as hip as Buzz Killington, he does so by saying "Some gig, eh? This place is no banana but the dough is cool."

Panel 3: He then tells her to hang loose (wait there) for one more set and then they can rap(talk in depth). (It should be noted that his T-shirt announces his affiliation with the ridiculously-named "Warthog Good-time Boogie Band.")

Panel 4: She gets a silly smile on her face as she thought-bubbles "And he's bilingual!"

Summary: Hmmmmm..... A thought occurs; Connie probably grew up speaking French so that means she's bilingual too. In any event, she hasn't died, gone more insane or left so I guess she was blowing smoke Saturday. She will, however, wish she had done one of the three tomorrow when Phil blows her off.

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