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April's Letter, February 2010

Hey, folks, it's me, April... a bit late. Sorry about that. I feel like time is just racing by and I'm on a treadmill doing a full sprint. Not that I'm complaining. Somehow, when I'm really busy, it's crazy how much I can get done. Plus I don't get a chance to dwell on stuff that bothers me. Well, except when it comes to find me.

Example: I got e-mail from Gerald. I don't hear from him all that much, but we check in now and then, mostly through Facebook. But this e-mail came out of the blue, and Gerald told me he and Becky had been playing a club gig at Nena's Nook, which is across the street from Parkside Lunch and Billiards, the place my Cousin Fiona co-runs. Gerald told me that he spotted Mom dragging a plush-toy sheepdog down the block yelling stuff like "Farley! Heel!" He tried to approach her to find out what was wrong, but she apparently got confused and mistook him for someone else. She said, "Oh, hello! You must be Paula's older brother Paul. Could you let your sis know that I might need her to sit for Mike, Lizzie, and Lawrence this weekend? Lawrence is staying with us while his mother goes whoring after my no-good brother Phil in Montreal!" I vaguely remember Mike and Liz telling me that they had a babysitter named Paula when they were little. Anyway, the next thing Gerald knew, Mom said, "Well, gotta run--there's no telling what mischief the kids are up to now!" Next day, Ger was buying some pop at Mr. Singh's store, where he ran into Dad, who was gazing glassy-eyed at a one-dollar toolkit. He told Dad about what had happened with Mom, and Dad said, "Oh, no! She must have escaped again!" Then he ran off without explaining.

Gerald asked me what that was all about. I didn't feel comfortable telling him by e-mail, so I called him and gave him the Cliffs Notes version of what's been going on with my mom. Better to hear it from me than someone else, I guess. Oh, by the way, Ger is going to be starting McGill in the fall, in their Schulich School of Music. Oh, and Becks is enrolling in some business courses at the local college, to help her manage her own career.

In other news, Guelph is having a 'Help Haiti' Benefit Concert. I'm going to be singing a couple of songs I wrote for the occasion. That's going to be tomorrow. Then on this coming Tuesday, I'll be attending a "Cafe Philosophique" lecture called "Olympic Gold! International Achievement and Canada's Changing Identity." This is going to help me get into the proper frame of mind for my trip to Vancouver the following week. I can't even tell you how psyched I am that Claire scored us tickets to Pairs Free Skating final! I love figure skating. She also sent me a link to the restaurant that Gareth recommended, Gorilla Food. It sounds awesome. I haven't met Gareth yet, but for that alone, I think I love him! Oh, and also Claire scoped out another place, Radha Yoga & Eatery, featuring yoga classes and vegan food. Claire says she's even gotten Liz to agree to take a class there with us and then check out their food. I am stoked!

Well, I want to get in another rehearsal before tomorrow's show.... So I'll check in with you again next month.

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