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Phil's letter: February 2010

Greetings, all; it's Phil here again for another update on life in Milborough; as John told you, he's managing fairly well now that he's settled into the role of bachelor-by-default. The cloud on his horizon is our mutual pest, Connie; she's hiding her distress about her real problem, which I'm about to lay on you, by making a lot of noise about a non-issue. It sort of bothered me that she could talk about how meanies like me and John were treating Sis so bad when I know that I spent most of my time with her having to hear her nasty remarks about how big and ungrateful a fool Elly is to not appreciate a neat guy like John Patterson. After I called her on her crap, she spilled her beans and told her what's really put the bees in her drawers. It seems that her husband Greg has himself a little health problem....okay, a huge health problem: congestive heart failure. Strange girl, that Connie; she'd rather cross her fingers behind her back and talk about how unjustly we're treating a woman she envies than be pitied for something she deserves sympathy for. I hate to sound like a creep here but there's going to come a point where we have to cut our losses; if, for instance, Mira's worry that Elly is working as a cleaning lady at a pool-hall are correct, we might end up pretty much leaving her there. As long as she's happy and isn't making herself a problem to other people, I'm fairly sure the Man will let her getting loose slide; at worst, we'll all end up like John did last fall and get no-billed.

At any rate, her concerns are probably unfounded so we'll probably have a quiet February. See you on the other side of the Olympics:

Tags: retcons

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