dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Friday, 5 February 2010

As we know, the next strip has Connie huffily comment on how she's not going to let 'fate' spoil things; she WILL see Phil no matter what happened back home. Since Lynn clearly believes that Phil is jerking Connie around, we're going to get a new-ruin that will 'prove' that fact by questioning Connie's sanity, decency, intellect and good will and alluding to her dangerously twisted priorities.

Actually, we're not; what we're going to get is her making a fool of herself without a cousin.

Panel 1: We see her about twenty-four hours after her finding out that Lawrence injured himself walking to a club; she thought-bubbles "I'm not going to let Fate spoil things; even if he is seeing someone, I can still see him perform."

Panel 2: As she walks into the place (which, since Lynn wants to remind us that Phil plays music that Elly can't sing along todiscordant noise, is called "Jazzy's"), she tells herself "He won't even know I'm there; I'll be an invisible, secret admirer."

Panel 3: She tells the woman at the front desk "No, heh! I'm alone. I'm a friend of someone in the band."

Panel 4: The lady tells a glum Connie "In that case, we have one seat....right in front!"

Summary: I'm beginning to think the "A brush-off" strip will be replaced with a week-long series that has Phil berate Connie for her stupidity; since he'll be cast as the baddie defending his right to "lead people on", he'll end up becoming "Phil Richards: Guardian of Objective Reality." It doesn't matter that the problem is really all on Connie's end for trying to foreshadow Liz's passive-aggressive bullshit about Anthony's marriage, the robots and buffoons will blame Phil for this.

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