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John's letter, February 2010

Hello, there, again; it's nice to talk to you all again now that the dust is starting to settle from last year. You, of course, probably don't feel the same way and you've got good reason to but, well, maybe we can get back to being the friends we used to be before I fouled what Wilf Sobinski calls the Tiny Train Nest. It's strange to say this but it's easier to take care of the place myself than Elly made it look. For instance, it seems that she'd never heard of separating laundry into whites, lights and darks, checking the pockets before putting things in the machine or putting newly cleaned clothes in a nice, clean hamper instead of a dirty floor. This sort of thing puts her claim to be following her mother's example in some sort of perspective; it's as if she only heard half of what was being said to her: the negative half. I always wondered what she did all day long because it didn't look to me that it actually took eight hours a day to clean that small a house; watching her from my workshop sort of put that to rest.

From what I hear from Liz, the kids are doing as well as can be expected. She and Anthony seem to be working on dealing with their own fears about what happened to Dee, Mike and Dee are comparing notes about old flames and realizing that what happened could have happened to her any old time and April is slowly getting the hang of life on campus. If it weren't for Elly not being with us mentally, this would have been a pretty good month.

Chee! I just thought the strangest thing; wouldn't it be funny if the people at the halfway house had Elly work at that pool hall Fiona runs? It's not the best neighborhood but it would involve the mindless drudgery she seems to crave so she'd probably love it. The oddest thing is that I really haven't about Fiona in donkey's years. I remember when I was setting her up in housekeeping and got her the job at the pool hall; Jean was giving me a lot of dirty looks for most of that Summer. Wouldn't it be weird if she thought I was cheating on Elly with Fiona of all people?

I should swing by there someday soon; no one there gives a crap what happened in the 'burbs so at least I wouldn't get hassled and it'd be a load of laughs to slum with the old beast again.

Until then, I'll be seeing when I see you.

Tags: retcons

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