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Liz, Love, and Recycling

In this strip, where Liz infuriatingly tells Candace that Therese has "thrown away a wonderful man and a beautiful daughter," Candace quips that Liz is into recycling. This is true in ways Lynn probably hadn't been thinking of at the time....

Remember the strip where Liz muses that she hadn't really been in love with Eric or Warren, but that she knew she was in love with Anthony without thinking about it?

Well, back in July of 1998, Liz told Michael that Anthony was a really nice guy an' everything--but she didn't it's, you know... forever. Michael agreed, telling her that this is because he's her first love, which isn't even love.

Liz disagrees: "No matter what you call it, love is love until it's over."

But apparently, she comes around to Mike's way of thinking. When she tells him and Deanna about Eric in January of 2001, she tells them, "I thought I was in love before, but this is real! This is the first time I've ever actually been in love!" In other words, she is now denying that what she'd had with Anthony had been love. Hmmmm..... Oh, and notice what she says in panel two, when she has the especially stupid look on her face: "It's like someone up there said, 'Let's put these two people together!'" She reiterates that sentiment to Eric.

Notice that the same pattern, "If I hadn't done X, and you hadn't done Y, we never would have met" reappears in this strip with Paul. Too bad he had no idea how soon after that Liz would develop her [suspicious] homesickness.
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