dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Saturday, 16 January 2010

I hope we end the week with one of those new-runs that Steph promised would appear; I'd rather see Phil get his character assassinated than look at Elly bellow and moan because she has to deal with children.

It's a new-run that has the same effect as this classic bit of 'ironic' humor.

Panel 1: We see Connie behind the wheel of her hovercar; since this is a new-ruin, her seat-belt is more or less properly drawn and her head is long. She thought-bubbles "I can't believe that I'm driving all the way to Montreal to meet Phil Richards!" as if that were some sort of thrilling accomplishment.

Panel 2: As in the reprint it replaced, she continues to fantasize as she thought-bubbles "I meet him by chance as I stroll down Rue de Feves. He's so happy to see me. He smiles. We touch...and embrace."

Panel 3: She's really getting into her little romantic trip as she thought-bubbles "There, in the evening mist, I look so young, so sweet. He gazes into my eyes. Then...I taste the salt on his moustache..."

Panel 4: Before she can treat us to the rest of the seduction, she's jolted back into reality by the HONK of a car horn.

Panel 5: We switch to an exterior view; we see a grey car in the foreground with Sarge Snorkel-like curse symbols floating over it; as Connie's hovercar gets back into its assigned lane, she huffily thought-bubbles "HUMPH!! Some drivers should pay more attention to their driving!!"

Summary: What happened, of course, was that Connie was so lost in her little delusion that she drifted into another lane of traffic and cut that other motorist off; as before, she blamed the other person for her lack of attention and intellect.

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