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Binky Betsy

Sunday, October 16

I saw this in the early edition of the Sunday paper this afternoon, so I'm all ready with my commentary.

First of all, are we really supposed to believe that April is unfamiliar with this situation to the point of SFE panic? Elly has been menopausing and arm-flapping since April was, I think, six.

Secondly, I'm not sure Elly has ever been this red during one of her episodes. And her nose in the last panel is as big as her head used to be.

And third, ENOUGH ALREADY. It's not a matter of the gag being old; after all, Schulz had Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown 29 years in a row. It's that there's never any point to it, other than "Menopause sucks". People looked forward to the football strips, because they wanted to know what kind of crap Lucy would pull this time (the document wasn't notarized, CB shouldn't be fooled by a woman's tears, he can't watch her eyes because she's wearing enormous sunglasses, and so forth). But these strips are all the same. Panel 1: Flap flap flap. Panel 2: Flap flap flap. Repeat until the lame pun in the last panel. In the words of Charlie Brown: "AAAAAAAAUUUUUGHHHHHHH!"

ETA: Okay, I overlooked something earlier. How often do we get the treat of elephant-butt and camel toe in the same strip? And you're right, qn: the 'Asse is supposed to have every convenience, including Arctic Blast air conditioning.
Tags: grotesque elly, psycho elly

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