Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Does anyone remember this article/column?

I *think* it was linked here. It was *probably* from Salon, and it *most likely* was published around Father's Day. It was written by a guy who was on his second marriage, while his wife was on her first. He had children from his first marriage who were well into adulthood, and the two children (boys) his second marriage had produced, and his wife's alleged obsession with them, put him in a constant state of irritation that seemed to threaten to become rage.

According to him, he'd been there, done that, and knew what his wife didn't: the kid wasn't going to choke to death at the dinner table and there was no reason for her to get so upset. Same with ear infections, and all the other mini-crises that she was taking way too seriously. He knew all these problems were going to resolve themselves, but the shrill bitch wouldn't listen. He also knew that Little League/Pee-wee football games were all the same, along with school plays and Cub Scout meetings, and considered it his cross to bear that he still had to feign interest in such things. And because his kids were OMG BOYS, this also meant he had to put up with crap like them spitting cherry pits into a plant pot at the doctor's office. Augh! But if he ever dared say this to his wife, he'd never hear the end of it, so he was forced to sit grinding his teeth.

Anyone remember this? If it was linked here. ETA: Because I want to link it somewhere else, and if anyone remembers reading it here, I'll know it's worth looking.

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