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April's Letter, January 2010

Hey, it's me, April. As you might guess, I'm happy to see 2009 end. Happy 2010, everyone! I am writing this to you using Mike's laptop at their apartment in Snow Valley, CO. We had a pretty low-key holiday season. I think that's what we all needed.

School-wise, things are definitely better than when I wrote to you two months ago. Here's the run-down on my final grades: Biology I: B-; General Chemistry I: B-; Physics: C+; Calculus I: B; music-composition: A. So, yay.

I think Dee told you I've been getting to know a nice guy who lives upstairs from them. His name is Kyle Lewis, and he's in his first year in the DVM program at Colorado State U in Fort Collins. He volunteers at their pet hospice and has some really heartbreaking stories.

And thinking of "heartbreak" makes me think of Dee. She's doing a lot better, but I can see how sad she gets, and that's when I make a point of finding something for the kids to do with their Aunt April.

Liz and Anthony are trying to make their relationship work. They catch themselves saying something that's like finger-pointing, and then they stop and rephrase, using the words "when you [fill in blank] in makes me feel..." They seem very grateful that I'm willing to swoop in and take James Allen off of their hands now and then. Francie has been having fun getting to know Robin and Merrie better.

I talked with Uncle Phil this morning. He said Mom got to the phone again and called him with a bunch of crazy talk about how if he breaks Connie's heart, she'll feel "so responsible" and it would reflect badly on her. She wouldn't take "It's been decades since I dated Connie and I've been married to Georgia for more than 20 years" for an answer. "How am I supposed to look at myself in the mirror, Phil, if things go bad?!?"

Well, the littles want attention from their Auntie again, so I'd better wrap this. They're running me ragged a bit, but I'll miss it when I'm back in Guelph in another week (classes start January 11). Till Feb--be well!
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