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The Pattersons for Sims 3

I received Sims 3 for Christmas and, tired of creating characters based on my own family, created a set of Pattersims.  (Yes, I'm that sad.)  As soon as I saw that one of the default hairstyles looked like the Ellybun, another was a propellor-head and one of the supplied hats looked like John's train engineer's hat, how could I resist?

I had the floor plans for the Pattermanse, so tried to replicate it, but realized during the course of building it (with plenty of money cheats to afford it all!) that there was something missing: Lynn's much-boasted-about floor plans don't include staircases!  So much for attention to detail.  I added one from the main hall to an upstairs hall I had to include to accommodate the stairs, and the stairs to the basement I shoved in the utility room, since the Sims don't actually have washing machines (what will Elly do all day?).  The proportions of the Pattermanse, as shown on the floor plans, don't quite add up: John's work shop is shown as being the width of the double garage, but the sofa in the rec room is even wider than that -- it must be a seven-seater across at least!  As a consequence, the rec room in the Sims Pattermanse looks too wide, if only because the Sims furniture is not quite as wide as what was shown on the floor plan.  I left off the basement because the additional space given by the wonky proportions in the floor plans meant that there was enough room upstairs for Mike and his entire family to share the guest room without displacing anyone.  Also, the back porch and the deck outside the master bedroom should have been raised but by the time I figured out how to do that, I would have had to bulldoze the entire house and start over with a raised foundation and I didn't want to waste more time.

Trains are not an available item in the game, other than a tiny elevated set which I've included in the Rec Room; otherwise, John's character has been altered to a keen amateur fisherman -- it was the closest hobby I could find which would allow him to ignore his family for hours, if not days, at a time.

Anyway, you can download the whole family here: or individual members (say, if you wanted to play without Mike and Elly...) from  You can click on each character for photos and bio.  The website has made them all have strange expressions, which actually works against what I'd done with Elly's frowning, downturned mouth, and Merrie's Lips of Loveliness.  Still, Mike looks like a total jerk, which is what I was going for, so that's OK.  One of the awkward things was that, having made John's and Elly's respective noses so large, applying the "play with genetics" button to get their kids meant that all three kids had giant noses, too.
Robin, Liz, April, John, Elly, Merrie, Mike & Dee Pattersim

John - Heavy sleeper, angler, handy, loves the outdoors, inappropriate (doesn't dress appropriately for any occasion, makes bad jokes at the wrong time, and sticks his nose in other people's business) - currently employed in the medical field

Elly - Grumpy, frugal, neat, neurotic, technophobe - currently employed as a Cash Register Specialist at the local bookstore

Mike - Artistic, lucky, mooch, hopeless romantic, dislikes children - currently unemployed and trying to write a novel

Elizabeth - Hopeless romantic, easily impressed, family-oriented, overly-emotional, slob - currently employed in the law enforcement career (teaching is not an available career in Sims3, so I figured she might meet a nice cop or something...)

April - Ambitious, computer whiz, virtuoso, hydrophobic - currently in high school (she will get a fifth trait when she becomes an adult) and has a part-time job at the local bookstore

Deanna - Green thumb, friendly, family-oriented, workaholic, neat - currently employed in the medical field (yes, workaholic - when combined with the family-oriented trait, it makes the Sim keep herself busy looking after the kids and her husband as well as staying busy at her job)

Meredith - Snob, athletic, brave - currently at elementary school.  (Why these traits?  They were automatically assigned when I told the game to create a female child of Mike and Deanna, so I just left them, since we never really learned that much about her -- although Mike did say that she was one of those strong women he admired so much.)  She'll get another trait when she becomes a teen and her fifth and final as an adult.

Robin - Friendly, clumsy.  Again, these were traits randomly assigned by the game, so I left them.  Since he's a toddler, he'll get his third trait when he becomes a child; also, due to his age, he can't be downloaded separately.

Edit: Added Floor Plan:
Pattermanse floor plan

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