Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, October 13

Panel 1: Oh, jeez. Again, they're acting as if Mike has never had anything published before, we're being told, not shown, how hi-freakin'-larious it is, and they're calling it an article, not a column (although as has been pointed out to me, the kind of rag that would publish Mike's stuff probably would treat a self-serving whine about bad neighbors as if it were hard-hitting journalism).

Panel 2: What the hell happened to Carleen? Since when is she Asian? And wow, the strip is actually catching up to the letters: some of Mike's ten million other jobs are being mentioned! But has there been another time jump, or did he get these "new projects" immediately after publication? And does this mean that their financial situation will rise above the migrant-worker level?

Panel 3: Yes, I have often wondered that. And I see Carleen's learned fast to be a subservient almost-Patterson.

Panel 4: Good lord, Mike looks like Heathcliff. (The Bronte character, not the cartoon character.) And dude, we know you've given up sleep. WITH YOUR WIFE.
Tags: did you know mike is a writer?, mike an' weed, the delicate genius, weed an' carleen

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