Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Wednesday, October 12

Panel 1: Now what the heck is Lovey knocking on someone's door for? Has The Article finally given her the courage she needs to evict the K's? Or is it the P's door and she's going to congratulate Mike?

Panel 2: Ah. Well, with the amount of banging they've done, wouldn't this have been an issue already? There does seem to have been a time jump, since Melville is now wearing a sweater, but since when has Lovey been in the apartment to see the damage? Does she do walk-throughs every day?

Panel 3: ...See, this is why I read and comment on the strip one panel at a time, to savor the suspense. And Melville looks like the late William Rehnquist. Anyway, is this going to be a matter of, if a (Friend of) Patterson does it, it's okay?

Panel 4: I see.

Panel 5: Well, that is a fairly good expression on Melville's face. Not the farcical outrage I suspect, more of a Sideshow Bob "Errrhhhh...." But crimeny crumbcake, does Lovey go through the K's trash every day, looking for something to bust them on? Or did she hear the banging and conclude from that that she'd better check the trash? And if so, why the frack doesn't she just tell them "Enough with the banging already! Oy!"

So now what?
Tags: kelpfroths, lovey

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