dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Now that Ted has done John's shopping for him, let's see where this leads; perhaps a discussion of Elly's friends who happen to be unattached will be in the offing.

Ah; Phil is here to set up the last great sequence of new-ruins.

Panel 1: Muppet-mouth Mike and Lizzie celebrate Phil's just having arrived by his yelling "Uncle Phil is here! Uncle Phil is here!"

Panel 2: Mike, who's actually acting six for once, says "Howlongcanyoustay? Didjabringyourtrupet? Igotanewvideogame!Wannaplay?"; Phil, in attempt to keep his nephew from overheating and bursting a blood vessel, says "Whoa." as if he is suddenly Arthur Fonzarelli.

Panel 3: As they walk down the hall, Elly tells the kids to let Phil get settled; he says the same thing and Mike agrees to it.

Panel 4: As Phil checks out the guest room, Elly's silhouette thought-bubbles "...and THEN you can drive him crazy."

Summary: It's sort of like multiplying by zero with Elly, ain't it? We know that she really doesn't like it when kids act like kids and since she's an idiot, she assumes everyone else fears and hates children as much as she does and will rapidly tire of and be repelled by their evil desire to make noise, ask questions and play.

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