dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Saturday, 5 December 2009

I wonder how Lynn will end the week now that she's already made John, Phil and Mike look bad; perhaps she'll remind us that Lizzie gets into everything thus making more work for Poor-Put-Upon-Elly* instead of sitting like a lump like babies are 'supposed' to.

(* This sort of reminds me of the US dub of InuYasha wherein one could be forgiven for thinking that the bad guy was named Damn-you-Naraku; that's because I sometimes think that they call Elly by the last two syllables of her real name.)

Today, John is made to look bad because he doesn't like the idea of going to work in a snowstorm.

Panel 1: Elly looks out the window at a thermometer and says "Holy cow!! Look at the temperature...and it's snowing."

Panel 2: As John scowls and reads his paper, she waxes poetic about stark, bare branches against a canvas of white, grey skies and icy drifts sculptured by the wind.

Panel 3: Having noticed that John isn't all that happy, she asks him why he doesn't see the beauty of nature.

Panel 4: As he heads out to face the terrible drive to work, he snarls that he has to go out in it.

Summary: It's sort of easy to see why John isn't the bad guy he's supposed to be; he has to endure cold, biting winds, poor visibility, awful traffic and other things that Elly herself hates.

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