Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, October 10

BDBs: Panel 3. Props to whoever referenced Mike's "J-Lo butt" in yesterday's strip.

Panel 1: Ah, so Sunday's strip was a lead-in. I guess, since FOOB is always taking up the first panels of daily strips to tell us what's previously happened in the arc, the Sunday strip was deemed necessary to remind just-tuned-in people who Mike and Deanna and their kids are. And presumably, Lynn needs time to get Liz and Constable Morsel's meet-cute just wright.

So, on to the strip. What article? And they ran it uncut! Woo! Anyone else remember how peevish Mike was when his article about Dee's accident was published (before he knew it had been her in the car) and they chopped it in half? And I guess this is Deanna's payoff: ignored for weeks, but it's all good because she gets to share in his triumph. Anyway, I thought he was Mr. Multimedia; why is it so earthshattering that he got an article published? ETA: What I should have said is, it couldn't be more obvious that he's not gloating because he got published, since that's presumably nothing new; he's gloating because he's finally Sticking It To The Ks! Go Mike, ya big baby!

Meanwhile, isn't Robin a bit young to be wearing so much makeup?

Panel 2: "From hell"? I personally think that phrase is waaaaaay overused; couldn't The Great Editor have come up with something more original? And yeah, they're from hell; you're perfect. What-evah. Aside: it is cute how Robin is reaching for the paper. I assume, anyway, since that's what Daddy is so excited about, it must be interesting. Or maybe he's just saying, "Hey, Daddy! Hi, Daddy! Daddy,, shoot, he's going upstairs again."

Panel 3: More exposition, so we don't have to be bothered, y'know, reading it or anything.

Panel 4: Yeah, it's not like it's libel or anything. Or is it? I'm not quite sure, so if anyone can enlighten me, thanks in advance.

Panel 5: Well, okay; I'd thought Mike was going to follow "if they did" with "they'd need help sounding out the big words." But really, what does he think he's accomplishing with this? Oh, right: making himself feel better, and building his rep as Canada's answer to Mike Royko.

Interesting to see where this is going. It'll probably have the Kelpfroths with egg on their face after all. Although the cigar falling out of Melville's mouth might foreshadow a fire...
Tags: did you know mike is a writer?, kelpfroths, kelpfroths smoking

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