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April's Letter, December 2009

Hey, it's me April, and it's already December. So my brain was deep into chem when I got a call from my cousin Laura, who was beside herself because there'd been this family meltdown that had come from Liz only half listening to something Laura said and then reacting to what she thought Laura was saying. Apparently, Liz had called Laura to share the bad news about Dee's miscarriage. Liz had started to explain about the irradiation program that was secretly imposed on Milborough all those years ago, and Laura told her that she'd read some articles about it. Then she tried to tell her about some freakazoid Aberdeen-based Facebook group she'd stumbled upon: a bunch of nuts who think that the documented side effects that are starting to come to light are God's visitation against immoral city dwellers. Just when she was ready to share a guffaw over how these people manage to walk upright and not bump into walls all the time, Liz flew into a rage about how awful Laura was to think such a thing and hung up on her!

Later that same day, Laura got a call from Mira Sobinski, all "How dare you say such a thing when my baby girl is suffering!" Laura tried to explain, but Mira just kind of went on and on without even taking a breath, and then hung up. The next day, Liz called her up, calmer, and I guess they sorted things out. My family!

At least I can tell you that school is going better. Looks as though I ought to be able to bring up my grades to respectable levels and avoid being on academic probation. W00t, go, me! My last final is December 18. Then I travel... Christmas in Colorado. (I'm taking up Anthony and Liz on their offer.)

Oh, I almost forgot. My Uncle Phil called my today. He said that my mom had called him up and yelled at him, something about how she hates buying Christmas gifts for him. He told her not to worry about getting him any Christmas presents, but that just made her rant more--about cologne and fishing gear.

Well, better get back to studying!

Tags: retcons

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