Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Friday, March 25

Ooh! Retreating to the ladies'! Catfight!

Or maybe not. But April's expression in three panels out of four indicates that it is ON, baby.

She does talk a good fight, but in panel 1, she's fussing with her hair, which betrays self-doubt.

Then, in panel 2, her reflection is wrong! She's at a three-quarter angle to the mirror, but it shows the back of her head!

Somebody must have left the hand-dryer on, the way Becky's hair is blowing back in panel 3. And April's hair-tassel is totally vertical. If she thinks that looks good, she is high.

And in panel 4, it appears that Becky is a horsewoman, judging by her stance and her broad hips.
But where is that tuft of hair coming from on April's head? It can't be the piece that's supported by the hair clip, because that would be at the far right of the frame. Apparently she sprouts horns when she's angry. Or is she Fiona, from Shrek?

And that's it for Shannon, for a while. She benefits from a drive-by act of kindness and disappears until the next time we need to see April's halo. Big fat hairy rolleyes.
Tags: evil becky, it's okay for april to be a snot

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