dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Thursday, 26 November 2009

It seems very likely that Lynn had Elly yell at a crockpot yesterday so she and the rest of the Pattersons could have something to be thankful for today; this, I fear, is so she can demonstrate that she feels ashamed that Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on a different day for a different reason.

I'm not even close; today's strip has John ruin everyone's appetite because he can't wait for Elly's cooking.

Panel 1: As eight-foot John looks on in apprehension, dot-eyed, button-nosed Mike asks Elly, who's stirring whatever she's cooking in the slow cooker, when supper will be ready; not realizing that by removing the lid, she's added to the time needed, she says that it'll be twenty more minutes.

Panel 2: John whistles to himself as he reaches in the cupboard; since Elly is tossing a salad with her eyes closed, she doesn't notice him doing it.

Panel 3: We next see him, Mike and Lizzie in front of the television MUNCH-CRUNCH-MFF-GULP-CRUNCH-SLUPP-GRUNCH-CHEW-CRUNK-GULP-MUNCH-GULPing down the bag of cookies he got out of the cupboard.

Panel 4: They finish off the cookies just as Elly yells that SUPPER'S READY!!!

Panel 5: We next see them seated at the table looking askance at their plates of Elly's Yellow Surprise because they're too full to eat; since she didn't see or hear them devour the bag of cookies, she asks what the matter is because she thought they were hungry.

Summary: It's hard to say what precisely Lynn is going for here but all roads lead to John being as big a jerk as Phantom Space Man; either he's too greedy to wait for her cooking or too impatient to do so. In any event, you'd think that a dentist would know better than to load up on empty calories before eating.

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