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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Since Elly, despite having lived in Canada all her life, always seems to find cold, snowy days like the one she's experiencing right now a baffling and nasty surprise, it stands to reason that we'll see another example of her not coping with Winter today; perhaps she'll have forgotten to put on her snow tires and thus not be able to drive to her class.

This is odd; now they WANT to play outside.

Panel 1: We start off with an exterior shot of the Pattermanse as it snows; Mike says "It's snowing!! See? It's snowing! I wanna play in the snow!" which causes Lizzie to join in with "An' mee! Nizzie go out!!"

Panel 2: Elly turns them down flat and says "It's too wet to play outside, guys. Let's stay in here where it's warm and cozy!" Like the six year old he's supposed to be, Mike reacts to Elly's attempt to keep him from catching cold by yelling "NOOO!!!"

Panel 3: He affirms his desire to play outside by yelling "I wanna go out!! I wanna go out!! Please? PLEASE? PLEASE? MOM?
PLEEEASE???" and is seconded by Lizzie's "Ma-ma! Go OUT!"

Panel 4: Lizzie follows that by yelling AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUGHHH!!!!! at the top of her lungs.

Panel 5: As she stands there outside with her face frozen in the Underbite of Evil because her children do something she would not do and play in the snow, John asks her if she's taking appreciation of the outdoors a bit far.

Summary: When you realize that she'd be just as pissed at them if they stayed inside and asked her to play with them, it's hard to sympathize with Elly; it'll be equally as hard to care when the cold they'll get hands her an excuse to blow off her course and allow her to blame her family for holding her back.
Tags: elly the martyr

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