babsbybend (babsbybend) wrote in binky_betsy,

A letter to Lalo Alcaraz

Senior Alcaraz did a strip about snarking. I happened across it and decided to respond to it.


Today was the first time I've looked at your strip, and I saw myself somewhat in your comic on Sunday.

Why I snark "For Better or For Worse" is because when I got hooked, it was a great comic strip, but over the years things have gone downhill, with shark jumping along the way. (Mom leaves gate unlocked and ignores her four-year old daughter. Daughter goes out gate and falls into flooded stream. Child almost drowns, ancient dog dies after rescuing her. It's the four-year old child's fault that the dog is dead. Dead dog goes to the vet, and the four-year old isn't taken to the doctor, but is scolded for leaving the yard. That type of crap. And don't get me started on Lynn Johnson's web page "Coffee Talk": Gee-Lynn-you-have-a-camera-in-my-house-kuddos!)

Now reading the strip is like watching a train wreck almost every day; it's almost impossible to look away. If it were a soap opera, "Passions" would be too lively--"Dark Shadows", without the vampires, werewolves, witches, etc., but with the time warping to the past, would be more like it.

Right now the strip is in newly (and poorly) drawn re-ruins (hey, where did their eyes go?), but come spring, Lynn has sworn (for the third or fourth time) that she is really going to go into retirement, and the strip will go into straight reruns. And then my snarking that strip will wind down because I've already read it years ago, and have no interest in reliving the '80's.

So anyway, looking at your strips, I don't see anything to snark. You seem to do good work, good job there with the real-life cross-over.


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