lectrice (lectrice) wrote in binky_betsy,

Hi everyone, I'm killing two birds with one stone, and writing my April-centric foe-fic for NaNoWriMo this month. I'm nearing a crucial point in my story, and was wondering if you would be willing to help me look for, and confirm, the dates of the final appearances of the more major secondary characters in the comic strip? For example, I know the last time we saw the community of Mtigwaki and the characters from there with the exception of the Cranes, was when Liz left after Paul "cheated" on her. That would be in January 2007. Warren stopped showing up after his "jump for joy" when Liz told him that she would date him in late 2007, I think.

In short, I'm looking for the last appearances of people who have shown up in the strip over the years, but who were not at the wedding. They would be people like Kourtney, Becky, Duncan, Gerald, Jeremy, Shannon, Luis, Eva, and so on.

People who I can think of that were at the wedding for at least part of the time, and who actually was drawn (Anthony's parents don't count): All of the Pattersons, Connie, Annie, Lawrence, Nick, Francoise, Anthony, the Cranes, Shawna-Marie, Dawn, Candace, Gordon, Tracey....anyone else I'm missing?

Many thanks for the help! Now, I have to move on my word count! I'm already behind...

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