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Gordon's letter, November 2009

Hello, there; as I write this, Tracey and I are packing so we can jet off to help Mike and Dee in their hour of need. I'll let them tell you what happened when they're ready but it was something of a shock when she read that e-mail. What bothers me is that Doctor Patterson is absenting himself; not, as everyone (even Anthony) expected, that he didn't care. Far from it; he told me that he was the last face they needed to see right about then. I think, despite his not knowing what a bastard Big Daddy Caine is, he sort of regrets how he handled the whole Elly situation and seems to have sentenced himself to exile. As for Mrs Doctor Patterson, I doubt her presence would be all that welcome; Liz says that even if she were lucid, she'd blather about sad miracles and fate and karma and a whole lot of windy mush that would really be hurtful. It's funny how Trace said that this put her by-election loss in perspective; that's because I've been sitting here going over the literature she's been gathering to take her case for the Survivors to Ottawa. One line stands out in particular; something about how the health department had noticed, without discussing causation, a statistically significant increase in birth defects and miscarriages amongst women born in Milborough since 1960 as compared to the general population. When I think about that and I think about Dee, well, let's just say that anyone who tries stonewalling us stands a statistically significant probability of getting a punch in the teeth. I know it's sort of selfish of me to think that way but putting a human face on an issue does that. Ah, well; at least all the people that aren't Rod Harvey who were responsible for the problem were Liberal appointees. That means that Kramer has no real difficulty blowing the whistle; what a lovely attack ad that'll make, eh? "Vote for the Grits and mutate your kids!"

Anyways, the sitter has just showed up so we have to head to the airport now; we'll drop you a line next month, eh?


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