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Tracey's Letter, November 2009


Just logging on for a short note from me this month to thank everyone for all their help and support. It was a pretty crazy few weeks. The writs of election for the federal by-elections were issued on Monday the 4th of October and it was all hands on deck (I was late posting my letter last month because of everything else going on, including Thanksgiving at our place, although I had written it on the 1st). I guess it’s no surprise to say that Rebecca Kramer (Tory candidate) swept Milborough-Eastgate and incumbent Jessica Forbes for the NDP in Scarborough. I never expected to win, but it was a bit stressful standing there, watching the count, waiting to see just how badly I’d lost. It was even worse up there waiting for the Returning Officer to make the official declaration. Still, I’d like to thank all 173 of you who voted for me. Turnout was lower than expected, not even breaking 25%. I’m trying not to despair when I consider that it’s Remembrance Day tomorrow and I’m thinking of our peacekeepers losing their lives trying to bring about a democratic government in Afghanistan while over here en election can’t even shift most people off their sofas.

Still, silver linings: I’m not standing down from trying to bring a federal commission to look at the Milborough situation, even if I have to go and sit outside the Parliament Buildings. I’ve met a lot of great people and our new MP seems sympathetic and has agreed to meet me and the Survivors group before the end of the year. I’ve been invited to take part in a political talk show on local cable in two weeks, and any publicity is good publicity, right?  Especially if I feel up to trying this again the next time around: and there's always another election on the horizon these days.

Tonight’s a special night just for family. Gord’s going to pick-up a meal from Thai One On after work and we’re going to chill with the kids and both sets of parents, all of whom have been my rocks through the past month. Plus we have some big news we’d like to share with all the family at once…

OK, this has run on a bit longer than I meant it to. Guess I’ll say goodbye and check the rest of my e-mail: I see one from Mike & Dee!

Until December


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