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Sunday, 8 November 2009

I hope that this week's outing is less agitating to the senses than last Sunday's strip; we really don't need to see any more negativity this week.

It's pretty much a bland, likeable outing....unless, of course, you hate Art Linkletter. That's because seven-year-old Mike is trying to explain to two-year-old Lizzie why there's thunder and lightning.

Panel 1: We start off today's strip with a close-up of Farley; he, like most dogs, is terrified of the thunderstorm that's KABOOOOOOOM-RUMBLE-RUMBLE-RUMBLLing in his immediate vicinity.

Panel 2: He's joined in being terrified by Lizzie, who's clinging like a barnacle to another creature for a reason this time.

Panel 3: We shift to an exterior view of the house to establish the obvious fact that we're in the middle of a very rare November thunderstorm.

Panel 4: Since Mike doesn't know any better, he looks at the storm out the window; Lizzie, equally unaware of the risks involved in getting too close to windows in extreme weather, joins him.

Panel 5: Since she's just started talking, he explains to her that that's lightning out there.

Panel 6: He tells her that it happens when clouds bump their heads together and make electricity.

Panel 7: He also tells her that thunder is caused by the gods of war go to battle with horses and chariots; he saw that on TV so it must be true.

Panel 8: She asks him what makes it rain; he says it's when angels cry.

Panel 9: When she asks what happens when they laugh, he says that the sun comes out.

Panel 10: She yells "Stop fighting up there" at the heavens.

Summary: This, of course, will end up on a lot of fridges and occasion a lot of breezily sentimental posts on Coffee Talk because it was designed to do so; it also features semi-realistic dialog from the kids because this is pretty much how kids actually talk and think.

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