dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Now that Farley has been chastised because he acted on the instincts that Elly cannot seem to remember he possesses, it's time for John to be made to look stoopid and useless. Perhaps he will suggest that they should have had a burial at sea or ask for tuna casserole.

Nope; it's another children-are-an-intolerable-burden-you-can't-avoid strip.

Panel 1: Instead of a person or place, we have an actual wall of text. That's because we're looking at something Elly is trying to write on a messy sheet of paper: "Dear Mom...Just thought....I hope________.....Michael is very.....[unknown] teachers....we are looking forward to...Phil will be com... can put [?] both..."

Panel 2: It's still a mystery why the letter she's writing is filled with scrawls, punctuation errors and stains; they tend to make the words "made cookies o...ate so much doug[h]...but should be a....chocolate chips s...pockets full of melt....the pattern you...[unknown] is close to...[them?} Lizzie....[unknown] and..." hard to follow.

Panel 3: We see why this is; since Elly is a Busy-Mother-Who-Has-No-Help-And-No-Time-To-Herself, she can't even jot out a note to her mother with out an audience. Lizzie is in her lap while Mike is slobbering all over the page she's writing on.

Summary: Since Elly's stupid, she can't wait until the kids aren't in her face to do this; she's gotta do everything she can to make her life hard as possible.

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